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Previous Editions (Limited Stock)

Previous Editions (Limited Stock)

  • JFODS5: The Joint Forces Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook, 5th Ed. (PREVIOUS EDITION)

  • The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 4th Rev. Ed. (PREVIOUS EDITION)

  • JFODS4: The Joint Forces Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook, 4th Ed. (PREVIOUS EDITION)

  • BSS5: The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 5th Ed. (PREVIOUS EDITION)

  • The Stability, Peace & Counterinsurgency SMARTbook (PREVIOUS EDITION)

  • MEU2: The Marine Expeditionary Unit SMARTbook, 2nd Ed. (PREVIOUS EDITION)

  • SMFLS4: The Sustainment & Multifunctional Logistics SMARTbook, 4th Ed. w/Change 1 (PREVIOUS EDITION)

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SMFLS4: The Sustainment & Multifunctional Logistics SMARTbook, 4th Ed. w/Change 1 (PREVIOUS EDITION)

SMFLS4: The Sustainment & Multifunctional Logistics SMARTbook, 4th Ed. w/Change 1 (PREVIOUS EDITION) See a Sample
ISBN-13 :978-1-935886-61-7
ISBN-10 :1935886614
Release Date :Dec 15th, 2015
Cover Type:Gloss U.V. Coating
Binding Type:Lay Flat with Spine
Print Inside Pages:Black and White
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Total Pages:368

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Guide to Logistics, Personnel Services & Health Services Support

SMFLS4: The Sustainment & Multifunctional Logistics SMARTbook, 4th Ed. (w/Change 1*) is the fourth revised edition of The Sustainment & Multifunctional Logistics SMARTbook. In addition to the most current versions of ADP/ADRP 4-0 Sustainment (Jul ‘12), SMFLS4 incorporates the full scope of new material from ATP 4-94 Theater Sustainment Command (Jun ‘13), ATP 4-93 Sustainment Brigade (Apr ‘16), ATP 4-90 Brigade Support Battalion (Aug ‘14), Sustainment Planning, JP 4-0 Joint Logistics (Oct ‘13), ATP 3-35 Army Deployment and Redeployment (Mar ‘15), and more than a dozen new/updated Army sustainment references to include ATP 4-33, ATP 4-42, ATP 4-16, ATP 4-0.1, ATP 4-34.40, ATP 4-92, FM 1-0, FM 1-04, FM 1-05, FM 1-06, FM 4-01, FM 4-02, and FM 4-30! * Change 1 to SMFLS4 (Mar 2018) incorporates new material from ATP 4-93 Sustainment Brigade (Apr ‘16) and minor text edits from ADRP 3-0 (Nov ‘16). An asterisk marks changed pages. The sustainment warfighting function is related tasks and systems that provide support and services to ensure freedom of action, extend operational reach, and prolong endurance. The sustainment warfighting function consists of three major elements: logistics, personnel services, & health service support. Unified land operations acknowledges that strategic success requires fully integrating U.S. military operations with the efforts of interagency and multinational partners. The sustainment of unified land operations requires a continuous link between the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. It also requires close coordination and collaboration with other Services, allies, host nation, and other governmental organizations. Decisive action is the continuous, simultaneous combinations of offensive, defensive, and stability or defense support of civil authorities tasks. Commanders seek to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative while synchronizing their actions. Sustainment, through mission command, enables decisive action. Sustainment provides the operational commander with operational reach, freedom of action and endurance.

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