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What military professionals are saying about our series of military reference SMARTbooks…

The following are unsolicited comments from our readers. To respect their privacy, we have omitted their names.

USAF Colonel (Ret),  Instructor at the U.S. Army War College –

“I teach at the US Army War College and recommend your books every year to students. I use them in seminar and have found them to be very useful in the field as well.”

First Lieutenant, Cavalry S4 in Afghanistan –

“I can’t wait to get them I need my “go-to” 5-0 book (The Battle Staff SMARTbook) to get my operations orders straight! We have a few of them in our staff and they are prized possessions. Prior to each operation we’re all fighting over them to make sure our product is best.”

Defense Contractor (major defense corporation)  –

“…over the years we have purchased boxes and boxes of your SMARTbooks to issue to African Peacekeepers (after complying with ITAR) under a U.S. State Department Contract. Those books you publish are the single best resource for training peacekeepers on the market and I appreciate the work that you and your organization does. Your books are as precious as gold.”

Warrant Officer, Attending WOBC –

“I wanted to tell you that this Battle Staff SMARTbook has been the cornerstone to my success here during WOBC. I find myself referring to it more and more the further we get into the targeting process. I refer to this book so much in fact, that I intend to purchase all of the titles in the Warfighting SUPERset one-by-one, as my budget allows. I am sure I will be using them for the remainder of my career as reference tools. Your books are an asset to the fighting force. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

DA Civilian, U.S. SOUTHCOM –

“My colleagues and I have several SMARTbooks and find them to be a very useful resource. We are always interested in new guidebooks and recommend your products to other military professionals. The SMARTbooks seem to be especially helpful to our interagency partners who may not be familiar with Department of Defense (DoD) operations.”

Navy Commander, USNAVCENT –

“Please send ASAP. This is the best reference on the market.”

Staff Sergeant, Special Forces Group –

“I wanted to write in to tell you that I thought your Customer Service is excellent! …never before have I encountered such an attentive company, and I would like to say thank you for your help with my purchase. I will definitely recommend your company to others, and I will use it myself if you have the products I am looking for. Thank you again.”

Colonel, tours in OIF and OEF –

“Please keep me on this mailing list. I need to be able to purchase updates and keep a current library of your fine pubs. Could you please check to see I continue to be on the mailing list. I have found your books invaluable for my missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Quick to use, void of fluff and focused products. I consider your pubs mission essential to my needs.”

Colonel (Ret’d), United States Marine Corps –

The USMC Ops SMARTbook is a great idea, please expedite. I’m anxiously awaiting the Naval Ops book later this year. These pubs are tremendous tools for training and educating the next generation of leaders, not to mention using them during actual operations. Thanks for filling a void!”

Brigadier General, Australian Army –

“Thank you for your products. They help save lives.”

Lieutenant Colonel, S-2/3 of a Quartermaster Bn from OIF –

“Just got back from Iraq. Had the privilege of serving with V Corps, 101st, and 4th ID. The compact yet thorough nature of your Smart Books works. I saw them in every TOC I visited…I will never go to war without your Smart Books. They are a true resource.”

Lieutenant Colonel, QM Battalion Commander –

“Spent some time with your leadership compendium at Fort Dix clothing sales, very impressive job as always putting together a great reference. I’m taking 5 of your books to Iraq with me. Having 100% of Field Manuals on disk is awesome and compact, but – there’s nothing like paper.”

Colonel, CJTF7 Joint/Combined planner in Baghdad –

“Yes sir, these manuals will help our planning process a great deal. I use my Army staff officer SMARTbook daily and I read from it to our Joint and Coalition partners so much, they call it the “gospel according to Alexander”. But, using doctrine is a means to attack a problem and organize your thoughts… Your books are useful because it is a quick reference to follow the doctrine, and it gives me an opportunity to train my young officers by having them look up the info in the proper manual…”

International Officer, The Netherlands –

“This weekend I was in the Netherlands for family visit and the books has arrived last week. So at last we (you!) succeed in transporting the goods. Thanks for all your effort – I’m looking forward to read all the books. so far I must congratulate your company with these very smart – handy – and “good looking” books.”

Major, USAR, attending Command & General Staff College –

“Wanted to drop you a note to say Thanks for getting the books to me so quickly. They served as not only an excellent tool and resource for me during the final phase of Command and General and Staff College, but I can now stop storing all those old and outdated TM’s and FM’s and use this along with a few CDs and links to complete my Army professional library. You have done an excellent job putting those together and creating very user-friendly and functional manuals. I highly recommend your books to other CGSC students, especially those starting in Phase I of the new ILE course. Thanks.”

DA Civilian, Battle Command Training Program (BCTP) –

“Thanks again, and keep putting out good products. I own every SMARTbook out there. I put some mileage on the pages.”

Sergeants Major, attending the SGM Academy –

“Your books are all the rage for the SGM Academy!”

Sergeant, MA ARNG, about The Leader’s SMARTbook –

“I bought a copy of The Leader’s SMARTBook while attending PLDC at Fort Dix, NJ. Boy did you hit the nail on the head with this one! Everything I needed or that was referenced as far as NCO leadership is concerned I was able to find in your book! I really think you folks need to contact the Sergeant’s Major Academy at Fort Sam Houston and get them to use your SMARTBook for all their NCOES courses. Keep up the great work. You are providing a great service to our soldiers.

…Your leadership SMARTbook combined with the new NCO Guide, FM 7-22.3, are the best leadership tools available to the NCO right now. I use them both on drill weekends, Annual Training and at NCOES. You folks should try to push TRADOC to use you books at all officer and NCO schools. Thanks again and keep up the great work you’re doing for use soldiers out in the units!”

Soldier in a Civil Affairs Battalion, deploying to Afghanistan –

“Thank you for offering this. I’m deploying next year and need as much info as can be provided.”

Lieutenant Colonel , attending JPME II (Joint Forces Staff College) –

“You folks are the heat! The Joint Forces Staff College quit issuing “the Purple Book” – JFSC Pub 1…I will also be telling the folks at STRATCOM to buy your pub – good effort.”

Canadian Major, DCO, North Saskatchewan Regiment –

“I just wanted to close the loop. The books arrived on time and I am finding them very useful in my work with 34 ID during their WarFighter series. We just got back from 10 days at Fort Leavenworth. I along with about 44 other folks on a day off went to the book store at CGSC. I bet at least 30 of the folks picked up one of your books and then at least 10 picked up 2 or more. The store clerk had to go in the back and restock the shelves.”

Major, Infantry Bn XO, 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) –

“We received the 15 Battle Staff SMARTbooks this morning!! Fantastic turnaround. Thanks so much. Handed them out to the staff this morning. Have been using this product since Leavenworth during our tactical MDMP. Although the FM’s have the information found in the SMARTbooks, it is most convenient to have the information in one central location. We will make the most of it during near future ops in the CENTCOM AOR.”

USAF Lieutenant Colonel at the US Army War College –

“These books are great! I am using them now at the US Army War College and they are a great help to me – thanks for a job well done!”

Task Force Cdr, Training a Georgian Infantry Bn (in the former Soviet Republic) –

“This is actually the second set of books that I have ordered from you. I am in the country of Georgia training a Georgian Infantry Battalion and we use your staff planning book extensively to teach the Bn staff and higher the MDMP.”

Lieutenant Colonel from Ft. Leavenworth (CGSC) –

[Battle Staff SMARTbook] You have the most popular book at CGSC. Good job.”


Captain, training the Iraqi Army –

“Gentlemen, I am a CPT in the US Army in Iraq responsible for training an Iraqi Army brigade. I rely heavily on your books to guide me in training the US military decision making process…”

Reservist from the 35th Infantry Division –

“I think you folks should take over the Army’ publication system.”

Captain, about the Battle Staff SMARTbook –

“I would like to thank you for the Battle Staff Book….This will be a big help to me in my endeavors as a staff officer and future Battery Commander…”

Army Contractor –

“I cannot express to you how valuable your Battle Staff Smartbook is becoming to Army Staffs. While I cannot tell you what I’m doing, I can say that I am coming into contact with Army Units and when I’m done with them, they want that book!”

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SMARTbooks can be used as quick reference guides during operations, as study guides at education and professional development courses, and as lesson plans and checklists in support of training. Serving a generation of warfighters, our books have spanned the globe with more than 500,000 copies sold.

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