SMARTleader Program

SMARTleader Program

Idaho State Cadets

The Lightning Press has donated nearly $250,000 worth of SMARTbooks to Academy, ROTC and JROTC Cadets!

   Announcing our SMARTleader Program!

The Lightning Press, publisher of the SMARTbook Military Reference series, has donated nearly $250,000 in SMARTbook Military Reference books to aspiring young military professionals since our program began in 2015.

The goal of the effort is to help develop, foster and inspire the cadets attending the academies, ROTC and JROTC programs throughout the country to become intelligent, informed military leaders needed for the Nation’s future.

Purdue Univ Cadets - SMARTleaders

“Great leaders don’t just happen,” said Norman Wade, Publisher and Author of the SMARTbooks series and owner of The Lightning Press. “Great leaders are the ones who start young, putting in the time, effort, hard work and dedication to become informed, strong and resilient. The Lightning Press wants to honor and support the young men and women who demonstrate that commitment through their involvement with USMA, ROTC and JROTC programs and give them a head start.”

“You are not born Great.

There are some things you can be born as – naturally athletic, intuitively smart, or born stronger.

But you are not born into Greatness – naturally tough, intuitively brave, or born a winner.

That comes from adversity, trial, and grit. Training, dedication, and hard work.
In real life, when the the world stands against you like tide to the stones, it doesn’t matter who is the most athletic, the smartest, or the strongest. What matters is who has the will to get it done regardless of what’s in their way.

You know why? Because anyone can be born just as athletic, smart, or strong as you were.

But nobody is born Great.” – Anonymous Quote from the Web


  How can I participate?

We are gearing up for our upcoming donation cycle. Schools and organizations interested in participating should contact with: point of contact, school name, approximate size of the ROTC or JROTC program, and when your respective semesters begin and end.