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Our eBooks are a true “A–B” solution! Solution A is that our digital SMARTbooks are available and authorized to a user’s Adobe ID and can be transferred to up to six computers and devices via Adobe Digital Editions, which can be used across 85+ devices and platforms (free download from Adobe). Solution B is that you can also use our digital SMARTbooks through our dedicated SMARTbooks iPad App (coming soon; free through the iTunes store).

Solution A – Adobe Digital Editions

Our Digital SMARTbooks are authorized to a user’s Adobe ID and can be transferred to up to six computers and devices via Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 allows seamless fulfillment of books across devices: With this new feature, when a user fulfills a book on one device, the book will be automatically downloaded to all the other devices that belong to this user (activated using the same user ID):

Digital SMARTbooks FAQs & Help Page (for Adobe Digital Edition versions)

For a complete list of Digital FAQs, to include systems requirements and assistance with downloading and transferring our Digital SMARTbooks to Adobe ID devices and/or applications, visit our Digital FAQs & HELP Page!

Solution B – Free SMARTbooks iPad App (Coming Soon)!


SMARTbooks for iPad Coming Soon*

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Our new app is designed to help you get the most out of our military reference books by letting you search for key terms across the library and quickly jump between books that reference the same topic. Download today and login to access your previous digital purchases with us and complete your library by purchasing missing books right in the app.


Sync Digital Purchases

Purchases made online will automatically be synced in the app. Continue building your library with simple in-app purchases that will sync back to your Lightning Press account. Your purchases are available everywhere.


Doctrinal Keyword Search

Use our “SMARTsearch” feature to lookup Doctrinal Keywords across our entire SMARTbook library. Select a term you are looking for, see which books have related content, then jump directly to that page.


ePub & PDF

Every digital SMARTbook includes both the ePUB-formatted version (with reflowable text for ease of reading) along with the PDF-formatted version that mirrors our hardcopy/print editions (to retain our formatting and for printing).


Fully Interactive

Find your information quickly and intuitively! In addition to the table of contents, our A-B-C, 1-2-3 charts, and index are fully linked and interactive.


Related Topics

Jump conveniently between books with related doctrinal keywords/ topics. No need to scroll through pages and open/close books. Just press the symbol to see related content in other books and jump directly to that page.


Print, Highlight, Note

At a course or on TDY and need a copy of a particular chart or diagram? Our digital SMARTbooks allow you to print and copy up to 20 pages for personal use. Users can also highlight text, create their own page notes, and add bookmarks!



Read our SMARTnews articles and download additional exclusive content directly on your iPad. Plus, receive push notifications of new titles, updates, revisions, doctrinal changes, and member-only discounts to our SMARTbooks!


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Preview any book in our library to browse the complete table of contents, index and sample extract pages. When your ready to ready to read more, buy in seconds to complete your professional library!