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Military Reference: Multi-Service & Specialty

Military Reference: Multi-Service & Specialty

  • BSS7: The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 7th Ed.

  • SUTS3: The Small Unit Tactics SMARTbook, 3rd Ed.

  • TLS7: The Leader’s SMARTbook, 7th Ed.

  • SMFLS5: The Sustainment & Multifunctional Logistics SMARTbook, 5th Ed.

  • TAA2: The Military Engagement, Security Cooperation & Stability SMARTbook, 2nd Ed. (w/Change 1)

Military Reference: Service-level

Joint, Strategic, Interagency, & National Security

Threat, OPFOR, Regional & Cultural

Homeland Defense, DSCA, & Disaster Response


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TLS7: The Leader’s SMARTbook, 7th Ed.

TLS7: The Leader’s SMARTbook,  7th Ed. See a Sample
ISBN-13 :978-1-935886-95-2
ISBN-10 :1-935886-95-9
Release Date :Aug 1st, 2023
Cover Type:Gloss U.V. Coating
Binding Type:Plastic Comb
Print Inside Pages:Black and White
Trim Size:5.5'' x 8.5''
Total Pages:328

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Leadership as a Dynamic of Combat Power

TLS7 is the seventh edition of The Leader’s SMARTbook, completely updated for 2023. TLS7 focuses on gaining the human advantage and leadership as a dynamic of combat power (FM 3-0, 2022), developing leaders, and training, the most important thing the Army does to prepare for operations. Topics and chapters include Army leadership and the profession (ADP 7-0); developing leaders (FM 6-22); counseling, coaching, and mentoring (ATP 6-22.1); Army team building (ATP 6-22.6); training to fight and win (ADP 7-0 / FM 7-0 / FM 7-22); planning & preparation: training guidance, meetings, schedules, briefs; executing training events and exercises, holistic health & fitness (H2F); training evaluations, assessments, and after action reviews.

Combat power is the total means of destructive and disruptive force that a military unit/formation can apply against an enemy at a given time. It is the ability to fight.

Leadership is the most essential dynamic of combat power. Leadership is the activity of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.

The human dimension encompasses people and the interaction between individuals and groups, how they understand information and events, make decisions, generate will, and act within an operational environment. A human advantage occurs when a force holds the initiative in terms of training, morale, perception, and will.

Today’s Army demands trained and ready units with agile, proficient leaders. Army leaders are the competitive advantage the Army possesses that neither technology nor advanced weaponry and platforms can replace. Developing leaders is a complex and complicated undertaking because it is primarily a human endeavor—requiring constant involvement, assessment, and refinement.

The Army relies on effective teams to perform tasks, achieve objectives, and accomplish missions. Building and maintaining teams that operate effectively is essential. Team building is a continuous process of enabling a group of people to reach their goals and improve their effectiveness through leadership and various exercises, activities, and techniques.

The Army trains to fight and win—it is what we do in order to preserve the peace and to decisively defeat our enemies. We do this through challenging, relevant, and realistic training performed to the highest standards. The Army trains the way it operates. It does this by replicating in training how we expect to fight,closing the gap between operations and training.

To do this, the Army trains by developing proficiencies in mission-essential tasks, weapon systems, and the effective integration and employment of both. These components of training readiness provide the backbone to the development of unit readiness—the Army’s first priority.

AODS7: The Army Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook, 7th Ed.

BSS7: The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 7th Ed.

SUTS3: The Small Unit Tactics SMARTbook, 3rd Ed.

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