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Joint, Strategic, Interagency, & National Security

Joint, Strategic, Interagency, & National Security

  • JFODS6: The Joint Forces Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook, 6th Ed.

  • Joint/Interagency SMARTbook 1 – Joint Strategic & Operational Planning, 3rd Ed.

  • INFO2 SMARTbook: Information Advantage

  • CYBER1-1: The Cyberspace Operations & Electronic Warfare SMARTbook (w/SMARTupdate 1)

  • CTS1: The Counterterrorism, WMD & Hybrid Threat SMARTbook

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INFO2 SMARTbook: Information Advantage

INFO2 SMARTbook: Information Advantage See a Sample New Book
ISBN-13 :978-1-935886-97-6
ISBN-10 :1935886975
Release Date :May 1st, 2024
Cover Type:Gloss U.V. Coating
Binding Type:Perfect Bind
Print Inside Pages:Black and White
Trim Size:5.5'' x 8.5''
Total Pages:344

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INFO2 SMARTbook: Information Advantage

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Activities, Tasks & Capabilities

INFO2 SMARTbook: Information Advantage (Activities, Tasks & Capabilities) is the second edition of our INFO SMARTbook, completely updated for 2024 to include ADP 3-13, Information (Nov '23) and JP 3-04, Information in Joint Operations (Sep '22). At 344 pages, INFO2 chapters and topics include information advantage (enable, protect, inform, influence, attack), information in joint operations (information joint function & OIE: operations in the information environment), information capabilities (PA, CA, MILDEC, MISO, OPSEC, CO, EW, Space, STO), information planning (information environment analysis, IPB, MDMP, JPP), information preparation, information execution, fires & targeting, and information assessment.

Information is central to everything we do—it is the basis of intelligence, a fundamental element of command and control, and the foundation for communicating thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Information is the building block for intelligence and is the basis for situational understanding, decision making, and actions across all warfighting functions. As a critical resource, Army forces fight for, defend, and fight with information while attacking a threat’s (adversary or enemy) ability to do the same.

We no longer regard information as a separate consideration or the sole purview of technical specialists. Instead, we view information as a resource that is integrated into operations with all available capabilities in a combined arms approach to enable command and control; protect data, information, and networks; inform audiences; influence threats and foreign relevant actors; and attack the threat’s ability to exercise command and control.

Army forces create and exploit informational power similarly to the joint force through five information activities (enable, protect, inform, influence, and attack). Army forces also consider information as a dynamic of combat power employed with mobility, firepower, survivability, and leadership to achieve objectives during armed conflict. As a dynamic of combat power, Army forces fight for, defend, and fight with information to create and exploit information advantages—the use, protection, and exploitation of information to achieve objectives more effectively than enemies and adversaries do.

The joint force uses information to perform many simultaneous and integrated activities. The joint force employment of information is of central importance because it may provide an operational advantage.

The elevation of information as a joint function impacts all operations and signals a fundamental appreciation for the military role of information at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels within today’s complex operational environment (OE).

Operations in the information environment (OIE) are military actions involving the integrated employment of multiple information forces to affect drivers of behavior by informing audiences; influencing foreign relevant actors; attacking and exploiting relevant actor information, information networks, and information systems; and by protecting friendly information, information networks, and information systems.

CYBER1-1: The Cyberspace Operations & Electronic Warfare SMARTbook (w/SMARTupdate 1)

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JFODS6: The Joint Forces Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook, 6th Ed.

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