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The training management cycle is the process of prioritizing training, planning and preparation, execution, and the evaluation and assessment of training. The commander drives the training management cycle by prioritizing training and assessing unit training proficiencies. Long-, mid-, and short-range planning is conducted to support the execution of training. Continuous feedback through evaluation and other key inputs provides the commander information to assess unit training proficiencies accurately. This manual uses the training management cycle as its framework.

Field Manual (FM) 7-0, Training (published June, 2021) simplifies training doctrine by re-establishing the Training Management Cycle as the framework for how the Operational Force prioritizes, plans and prepares, executes, and evaluates and assesses training. As the foundation for how the Army conducts training, it is essential for leaders to understand and implement the new doctrine. In support of the FM 7-0 roll-out, the Training Management Directorate (TMD) is assisting the Institutional and Operational Force implement FM 7-0 through the employment of Unit Training Management Mobile Training Teams (UTM MTT).

Figure 1-2 illustrates the training management cycle.

The Army Training Network (ATN) has more information on FM 7-0, Training, and on Unit Training Management. The Training Management Directorate at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is the Army’s proponent for training management. TMD manages, develops, and sustains Training Management doctrine, processes, products, and systems to enable training and training management across the Army’s Institutional, Operational, and Self-development training domains. Fundamental products of TMD include the Army Training Network (ATN), the Digital Training Management System (DTMS), and the Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS). For more information on TMD products and services, visit ATN at

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