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  • Change 1 (ADP 3-13/JP 3-04) SMARTupdate to INFO1

  • Change 1 (Aug ‘21) SMARTupdate to CYBER1

  • Change 1 (July 2019 ADPs) SMARTupdate to AODS6

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Change 1 (July 2019 ADPs) SMARTupdate to AODS6

Change 1 (July 2019 ADPs) SMARTupdate to AODS6 See a Sample
ISBN-13 :978-1-935886-89-1
ISBN-10 :1935886894
Release Date :Aug 12th, 2020
Cover Type:Hole Punched
Binding Type:Ready to Insert
Print Inside Pages:Black and White
Trim Size:5.5'' x 8.5''
Total Pages:130

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Update/Upgrade your first-printing copy of AODS6!

Change 1 (July 2019 APDs) SMARTupdate to AODS6 updates/replaces key material in the first printing of the AODS6: The Army Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook (ISBN 978-1-935886-74-7) with new material from the Army’s July 2019 Army Doctrinal Publications (ADPs), along with critical “pen-and-ink” reference citation and terminology changes.

As the July 2019 ADPs primarily represented a publication restructuring to combine/rewrite the previous ADPs/ADRPs back into single-document ADPs (instead of two separate publications), there was very little substantive change to the core doctrine (i.e., principles, fundamentals, and terminology) as previously presented in AODS6. In many cases, the only real change was to update the reference citation/source and/or page numbers. With this in mind, Change 1 (July 2019 ADPs) SMARTupdate to AODS6 provides change pages focusing primarily on substantive doctrinal differences from the first printing, and not the exhaustive list of content, pen-and-ink edits and reference citation changes caused by the consolidation of the ADPs.

To get the full scope of new material from the July 2019 ADPs, along with complete and comprehensive reference citation, terminology, and material changes fully incorporated, we recommend readers upgrade to the NEW AODS6-1: The Army Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook (w/SMARTupdate 1 built-in)!

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