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Over the past two decades, information operations (IO) has gone through a number of doctrinal evolutions, explained, in part, by the rapidly changing nature of information, its flow, processing, dissemination, impact and, in particular, its military employment. INFO1: The Information Operations & Capabilities SMARTbook (Guide to Information Operations & the IRCs) examines the most current doctrinal references available and charts a path to emerging doctrine.

INFO1: The Information Operations & Capabilities SMARTbook (Guide to Information Operations & the IRCs)

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INFO1 chapters and topics include information operations (IO defined and described), information in joint operations (joint IO), information-related capabilities (public affairs, civil affairs and civil military operations, military deception, military information support operations, operations security, cyberspace electromagnetic activities, cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, space operations, special technical operations, & additional IRCs), information planning (IRC synchronization, information environment analysis, IPB, MDMP, JPP), information preparation, information execution (IO working group, IO weighted efforts and enabling activities, intel support), fires & targeting, and information assessment.

Information is a resource. As a resource, it must be obtained, developed, refined, distributed, and protected. The information element of combat power is integral to optimizing combat power, particularly given the increasing relevance of operations in and through the information environment to achieve decisive outcomes.

Information Operations (IO) is the integrated employment, during military operations, of information-related capabilities in concert with other lines of operation to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp the decision-making of adversaries and potential adversaries while protecting our own. The purpose of IO is to create effects in and through the information environment that provide commanders decisive advantage over enemies and adversaries.

The joint force commander (JFC) leverages informational aspects of military activities to gain an advantage; failing to leverage those aspects may cede this advantage to others. Leveraging the informational aspects of military activities ultimately affects strategic outcomes. The joint force attacks and exploits information, information networks, and systems to affect the ability of relevant actors to leverage information in support of their own objectives. This includes the manipulation, modification, or destruction of information or disruption of the flow of information for the purpose of gaining a position of military advantage. This also includes targeting the credibility of information.

An information-related capability (IRC) is a tool, technique, or activity employed within a dimension of the information environment that can be used to create effects and operationally desirable conditions. IO brings together information-related capabilities (IRCs) at a specific time and in a coherent fashion to create effects in and through the information environment that advance the ability to deliver operational advantage to the commander.

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