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BSS5: The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 5th Ed. (PREVIOUS EDITION)

Upgrade/update to the NEW 7th Edition (BSS7)!

BSS5: The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 5th Ed. (Jul 2015) has been superseded by a newer sixth edition BSS6 (Aug '20). BSS6 is the sixth edition of The Battle Staff SMARTbook, completely updated for 2020. Updated material includes the full scope of new material from ADP 5-0, The Operations Process (Jul ‘19); ADP 6-0, Mission Command (Jul ‘19); FM 3-0 (w/Change 1), Operations (Dec ‘17); FM 6-0 (w/change 2), Commander and Staff Organization and Operations (Apr ‘16); ATP 2-01.3, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (Mar ‘19); ADP 3-19, Fires (Jul ‘19); ATP 3-60, Targeting (May ‘15); ATP 5-19 (w/change 1), Risk Management (Apr ‘14); and ADP 1-02, Terms and Military Symbols (Aug ‘19); and more. BSS6 also features a return of our premium GBC plastic-comb binding for a true open-flat reference experience! The Battle Staff SMARTbook covers the operations process (ADP 5-0); commander’s activities; Army planning methodologies; the military decisionmaking process and troop leading procedures (FM 6-0 w/Chg 2: MDMP & TLP); integrating processes (IPB, information collection, targeting, risk management, and knowledge management); plans and orders (WARNORDs/FRAGORDs/OPORDs); mission command, C2 warfighting function tasks, command posts, liaison (ADP 6-0); rehearsals & after action reviews; and operational terms and military symbols (ADP 1-02). Always check our website for the most current and up-to-date SMARTbook edition! The Lightning Press is committed to providing the best and most relevant doctrinal material to our readers and are vigilant in reviewing new publications, anticipating upcoming doctrinal releases, and incorporating the updated material into our SMARTbook series!

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