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Commanders prioritize training time by utilizing a time management system. A time management system is a method of protecting allocated training time and resources for subordinate units while accounting for necessary Army requirements that detract from training. Higher commanders account for all organizations within their command and utilize an equitable time management system based on unit training priorities and missions. The most common time management system used within the Army is the Green-Amber-Red cycle:

Green Cycle

Units in the green cycle have training resource priority and focus predominately on unit collective training. Higher commanders protect these units from taskings and training distracters. Green cycle is also referred to as prime time training.

Amber Cycle

Amber cycle units have training resource priority behind green cycle units. Commanders normally focus training in the amber cycle on small unit, individual, leader, and battle task proficiency. Higher commanders only assign amber cycle units taskings that exceed red cycle units’ ability to support.

Red Cycle

Units in red cycle are the primary organizations that execute higher headquarters directed support taskings. Units in this cycle still conduct training, but training focuses primarily on individual tasks, weapon proficiency and self-development opportunities.

An alternative to the “Green-Amber-Red” time management system is the “P Week” system.

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