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The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation from zero to infinity. It is divided into 26 alphabetically designated bands (JP 3-13.1). The EMS is a physics-based maneuver space essential to control the operational environment during all military operations. The EMS is a highly regulated and saturated natural resource. The EMS includes the full range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic (EM) radiation.

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS)

Military operations are complicated by increasingly complex demands on the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). All modern forces depend on the EMS. The EMS is a physical medium through which joint forces conduct operations. EMS-dependent devices are used by both civilian and military organizations and individuals for intelligence; communications; position, navigation, and timing; sensing; command and control (C2); attack; ranging; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) sensor data collection/transmission; unmanned aircraft systems (UASs); civil infrastructure; data transmission and information storage and processing. The importance of the EMS and its relationship to the operational capabilities is the key focus of joint electromagnetic spectrum management operations (JEMSMO). JEMSMO is a functional area ultimately responsible for coordinating EMS access among multinational partners, throughout the operational environment.

Spectrum Management Operations (Army)

The Army manages its use of the EMS through spectrum management operations (SMO). Spectrum management operations are the interrelated functions of spectrum management, frequency assignment, host nation coordination, and policy that together enable the planning, management, and execution of operations within the electromagnetic operational environment during all phases of military operations (FM 6-02).
Electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) include spectrum management operations (SMO) and electronic warfare (EW). SMO are the management functions of EMSO managing the man-made access to the EMS.

Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO)

JEMSO include all activities in military operations to successfully plan and execute joint or multinational operations in order to control the electromagnetic operational environment (EMOE). JEMSO is comprised of EW and JEMSMO and aims to exploit, attack, protect, and manage resources within the (EMOE) and resolve EMI in order to achieve the commander’s objectives. Inherent within JEMSMO is spectrum management (SM).

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