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Thank you everyone for the votes and feedback on SMARTbook binding options!

We were torn with the decision of moving away from the plastic-comb binding. We had always chosen it because of the true open-flat qualities. Ultimately though, it was the feedback over the years from readers, distributors, and retailers that prompted us to chose a more traditional spine binding over the previous plastic-comb binding (because of durability, packaging, storage, cost and shelf display issues).

Plastic-Comb vs Perfect-Binding

The overwhelming choice was for traditional perfect-binding instead of plastic-comb binding — by a vote of almost THREE to ONE!

Based on your feedback, we tried to come up with the best compromise for binding by using the more costly “lay-flat” variant of perfect binding with a spine, with the pages glued side-to-side, instead of on the end of the pages for regular “perfect bound.” It’s not a perfect solution, but it does offer a traditional printed- and glued-spine and also about a 75% lay-flat capability — after the pages/binding have been pressed open, flexed and conditioned. (Read more at

Although the lay-flat binding with spine costs more to produce than regular perfect binding, it allows us to offer the aesthetics and durability of a traditional perfect-bound book, yet retain the lay-flat capability that our SMARTbook readers value so much.

And for those who still prefer plastic-comb binding, an option is that you could take your book to a local print shop such as Fedex or Alphagraphics and they could trim the binding off (with an industrial page cutter) and hole-punch it either for plastic-comb or a three-ring binder!

Thank you for being a SMARTbook reader. Hooah!

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