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Joint/Interagency SMARTbook 1 – Joint Strategic & Operational Planning

Planning for Planners

The dawn of the 21st Century presents a global environment characterized by regional instability, failed states, increased weapons proliferation, global terrorism and unconventional threats to United States citizens, interests and territories....

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Multi-Service & Specialty SMARTbooks

Recognized as a doctrinal reference standard by military professionals around the world, “Military Reference” SMARTbooks represent a comprehensive professional library designed with all levels of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Civilians in mind.

Joint & Service-level SMARTbooks

SMARTbooks can be used as quick reference guides, as lesson plans in support of training, and as study guides at military education and professional development courses.

Homeland Defense, DSCA, & Disaster Response

In the past decade alone, natural disasters of considerable severity resulted in 699 Presidential Disaster Declarations, an average of nearly six per month. The Armed Forces have a historic precedent and enduring role in homeland defense and supporting civil authorities during times of emergency, and this role is codified in national defense strategy.

Joint Strategic, Interagency, & National Security

Joint operation planning consists of planning activities associated with joint military operations by combatant commanders and their subordinate joint force commanders in response to contingencies and crises. Achieving national strategic objectives requires effective unified action resulting in unity of effort — to include interagency, intergovernmental, nongovernmental and multinational partners.

Threat, OPFOR, Regional & Cultural

In today’s complicated and uncertain world, it is impossible to predict the exact nature of future conflict that might involve U.S. forces. So the military must be ready to meet the challenges of any type of conflict, in all kinds of places, and against all kinds of threats. Additionally, this category includes resources related to countries, cultures and nations in the world, with emphasis on training, advising and assisting.

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