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Military Reference Smartbooks

Recognized as a doctrinal reference standard by military professionals around the world, SMARTbooks are designed with all levels of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Civilians in mind. Learn more about SMARTbooks! ( Read more… )

Joint/Service Titles

Guide to Joint, Multinational & Interagency Operations
Doctrine 2015 Guide to Unified Land Operations & the Six Warfighting Functions
Guide to Battle Staff Operations & the Rapid Response Planning Process
Guide to Designing, Planning & Conducting Maritime Operations
Leader's Guide to Planning & Conducting Airpower Operations

Multi-Service/Specialty Titles

Guide to Designing, Planning & Conducting Military Operations
Guide to the Army Profession, Leadership & Training
Leader's Reference Guide to Conducting Tactical Operations
Warfighter’s Guide to Logistics, Personnel Services, & Health Services Support
Nontraditional Approaches in a Dynamic Security Environment!